From humble beginnings in 2011, High Livez has grown to have more than $70 million under management and almost 500 investors.

Over the years, we’ve weathered some pretty impressive economic storms - most recently the COVID-19 crisis - and emerged even stronger than before.

For a decade now, we’ve delivered on our goal of providing investors with strong, regular income, month-in, month-out, like clockwork.

Our unit price has been remarkably stable too over those ten years, gaining slightly in value from $1.00 at inception to $1.05 today.

Looking back, it seems inevitable that High Livez would succeed but, a decade ago, it was far from assured that investors would warm to our ground-breaking new fund.

The Residential Mortgage-backed Securities (RMBS) that High Livez invests in were virtually unknown to regular investors, even though they fund about 10 per cent of all Australian home loans!

With the smallest RMBS investments costing $5-10 million dollars, RMBS were the exclusive preserve of big institutions, far beyond the reach of ordinary Australians.

Our fund changed all that, bringing RMBS investing to hundreds of Australians, many of whom were funding their retirement by investing through their self-managed superannuation funds.

We have formed strong relationships with a lot of those investors, and some of them are still with us today!

We are proud to say that since our inception we have delivered investors a total return of 5.66% p.a, with far less volatility and worry than they would have experienced in the share market.

As one of Australia’s leading RMBS issuers, with decades of experience in the market, we understand RMBS like few others.

We are pleased to say that throughout the 10-years of High Livez, prime Australian RMBS have continued their perfect record of zero losses.

That means that for the entire 20 years since RMBS were first issued locally in Australia, there has never been a single default by an RMBS!

That’s because RMBS are backed by the mortgage payments of Australian home loans, and home ownership is the Great Australian Dream.

Aussies have never defaulted on their home loans in large numbers, even through the panic of the Global Financial Crisis (GFC) and the COVID-19 economic crisis, when many Australians in tourism, construction, and hospitality were laid off.

Any problems in the market during High Livez’ 10 years of operation have been ones of liquidity – where buyers temporarily disappear in a crisis because everyone wants the safety of cash.

We have been grateful that during these periods, the Australian government has recognised the importance of the RMBS market, by financially investing in new RMBS issues.