Firstmac is a privately-owned company that has been in business for more than 40 years.

We have grown from a small family business to become Australia's leading non-bank lender. Over time we have provided 130,000 home loans and we currently manage $16 billion in mortgages and $300 million in cash investments. Our headquarters is in Brisbane, Australia.

Firstmac is a challenger company that stays ahead of the big banks by using smart technology and highly-trained support staff based in our Brisbane call centre.

We are dedicated to bringing simple, affordable, competitive financial products to market, underpinned by a lengthy track record of success and a pedigree in prime residential home loans.

Firstmac self-funds its operations through the release of highly-rated Residential Mortgage Backed Securities, historically a low-risk investment, and has issued more than $32 billion in RMBS bonds since 2003.

We pride ourselves on how we have run our business, from our humble beginnings to who we have become today. We act at all times with honesty and integrity and we put importance on our Code of Ethics, which you can view here.

We are responsible lenders and have polices and audit committees in place to ensure that we know our customers and act in their best interests. We are internationally rated by Standard & Poor’s, which awards Firstmac its highest possible ranking for loan servicing.

The products we provide are straightforward home loans and car loans for every day Australians who are looking for an alternative to the major banks.