To help you, here are some tips on how to choose a family-friendly suburb:

Find a good school

If you’re raising young kids you want to make sure that you have easy access to good primary schools. You may also want to plan ahead to consider if the local high school is one you want your kids to attend in the future. Make sure to assess the school’s quality of education, the entrance requirements, as well as the travel time before buying in the suburb.

Make sure it offers good amenities

Being near good amenities is a huge advantage for you and your family. You want to be close to amenities such as supermarkets, shopping hubs, entertainment areas, hospitals, and public transport.

Look for a location that has future development planned

This house will be the place where your kids will grow up. While many happy memories will be made at home, you will also need to plan for the future. Your children will someday move out and have a family of their own. This can make the house feel empty. You want to invest in an area where future developments are planned, so if one day you decide to sell the house you will make a profit.

Check for a safe neighbourhood

Of course, safety is one of the best qualities of a family-friendly suburb. You want to feel secure so your kids can go out safely. You can check out the crime statistics report if the suburb you’re looking to invest in has a low crime rate.

Get to know the community

You should also be able to get along with your neighbours. You and your kids want to feel that you belong to the community so check out the vibe first. You can do this by attending local community events or talking to some locals. Don’t rush into buying a house. You want to find a suburb that you and your family will love and enjoy in the long-term.