20 Jul 2017

Should you Invest in an Apartment or a House?

Many property investors are torn between investing in an apartment or a house. Both options have benefits and drawbacks. Here we examine them for you.

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17 Jul 2017

6 Ways to Add Value to Your Property by Renovation

Whether you’re renting your investment property or preparing to sell it, the quickest way to add value is through renovation. Before doing any renovation projects, make sure you’ve..

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14 Jul 2017

The Most Common Non-Negotiable Property Features

Everyone has their own opinion concerning what they want in a property. We all have our own tastes when it comes to design, colour and structure. However, when it comes to..

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10 Jul 2017

Is Buying a Fixer-Upper a Good Investment Idea?

What is a Fixer-Upper?

fixer-upper is a property that is not yet ready for you to move into because it requires construction work before..

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07 Jul 2017

Must-have Real Estate Contract Conditions

When you have made a formal offer on a home that you want to purchase you are going to have to fill out a lot of paperwork that specifies the terms of your offer. Apart from the obvious things like..

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04 Jul 2017

How to Avoid Open House Fatigue

House hunting and viewing open homes can be really exciting. However, when you spend your entire weekend driving around searching for your dream home it can get quite tiring. If you want to avoid..

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