As an authority in the mortgage sector, Australian Broker conducted an exhaustive research study and determined that Firstmac is one of the most distinguished contributors to sustainability in Australian lending.

Firstmac Managing Director Kim Cannon said he takes pride in being acknowledged as one of the industry's best.

“Firstmac is dedicated to playing our role in mitigating climate change and, to that end, we have developed a Green Loans Program that encourages ordinary Australians to reduce their greenhouse gas emissions by switching to energy-efficient homes and vehicles,” Mr Cannon said.

“We are proud that our work in developing this program has been recognised as having a genuine impact on one of the major challenges of our time.”

Australian Broker’s 30+ strong Intelligence Unit determined the winners by following a rigorous process, which included interviewing industry professionals and conducting extensive research.  The winners are those who matched the 5-Star Sustainable Programs criteria.

Chris Sweeney, Managing Editor for Special Reports at Australian Broker, said Firstmac thoroughly deserved its accolade.

"The nominees were shining examples of organisations responding to and addressing our pressing global environmental and sustainability needs,” Mr Sweeney said.

“Firstmac is enacting a series of impressive initiatives and deserves to be celebrated with this award.”

Brisbane-based Firstmac Limited is an independently-owned, Australian financial services provider with more than 40 years’ experience in home and investment loans. 

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