More and more people are considering open plan living as it offers more freedom to design as well as an airy, spacious feel that many want. For instance, you can work on an open plan kitchen or on a living room floor plan that allows a lot of creativity in both design and function.

Here are steps to designing the perfect open plan living space so you can maximise your home’s potential:

1.Know what you need. You cannot do anything without knowing the individual needs of everyone in the family. Determine the requirements of areas such as the kitchen, dining area, living room, and bedrooms.

2.Set a budget and stick to it. As with anything else that costs money, make sure to know how much you can afford, and avoid overspending.

3.Get a design notebook. You have a lot of things to work on and ideas to consider. Make it easier to organise your tasks by having a design notebook. Every time you see something that you want for your home, you can write it down so you will not forget.

4.Get open plan living ideas. Once you know what you need, you can check design magazines and architecture books for inspiration. You can take note of the different features that you want in your property.

5.Consult an architect. You may have great open plan living ideas but make sure they’re feasible and within your budget. Talk to an architect to ensure that your goals will be met, and avoid any inconvenience later on.

6.Create sketching floor plans. You can start sketching out rough floor plans, just to have a clear vision of your ideas. You can also use these for when you talk to your architect.

7.Determine a basic theme. Do you want something simple and clean, or modern and elegant? You can also go for a traditional style or something eccentric.

8.Personalise. Open plan living allows freedom in style and function, so take advantage of it by adding personal touches to different areas of your home.

9.Consider the overall mood. You can create a relaxed, comfy environment. You can also make a room festive and bright.

10.Consider the colours. Choose a base colour for the walls, or if you prefer plain white or neutral tones, add a pop of colour to a room through your curtains and accent pieces.

11.Add features that bring everything together. It may be open plan living but make sure to add features that make a cohesive overall design.

12. Add appropriate lights. Lighting plays a big role in open plan living. Take note that different lights offer different effects and moods in a room or area.