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12/10/2020 Home owners plough cash into mortgages during lockdown (AFR) View article
12/10/2020 Responsible lending: unleashing banks, leashing nonbanks? (Kanga News) View article
29/09/2020 RBA's cheap money is killing competition (AFR) View article
15/09/2020 These are good customers in a bad situation, says Firstmac (Mortgage Professional Australia) View article
25/08/2020 Firstmac analysis shows the number of borrowers on hardship is falling (MPA Magazine) View article
04/08/2020 Banks urged to 'flex' as Victoria battens down the hatches (AFR) View article
10/07/2020 Firstmac completes $1.3bn RMBS raising (Australian Broker) View article
10/07/2020 Firstmac finds its deepest-ever investor base in new deal (Kanga News) View article
02/07/2020 Fewer homeowners seeking mortgage relief as economy recovers (The Australian) View article
09/06/2020 Resimac relaxed about loan payment deferrals (The Australian) View article
03/06/2020 Lender reports "sharp fall" in hardship applications (Australian Broker) View article
04/05/2020 Home loan relief calls push $6.8bn (The Australian) View article
03/05/2020 Firstmac says fewer customers than banks in COVID-19 hardship (Australian Financial Review) View article
27/04/2020 Firstmac buys another 'category killer' (Banking Day) View article
26/04/2020 Firstmac sets out to capitalise on pandemic fallout on economy (The Australian) View article
31/03/2020 Canberra takes a bond ‘step change’ (The Australian) View article
30/03/2020 AOFM support comes for residential mortgage-backed securities liquidity squeeze (The Australian) View article
30/03/2020 Further details of $15bn lending fund released (The Adviser) View article
30/03/2020 RMBS freeze melts for Firstmac (Banking Day) View article
29/03/2020 Aussie Government QE kicks off (LiveWire Markets) View article
29/03/2020 Canberra urged to keep credit flowing to non-bank lenders (The Australian) View article
29/03/2020 Firstmac CFO hails $1 billion 'miracle trade' (The Australian Financial Review) View article
27/03/2020 Fitch Assigns Expected Ratings to Firstmac Mortgage Funding Trust No.4 Series 1-2020 ( View article
27/03/2020 First week of QE notches up $21bn for cheaper borrowing (Australian Financial Review) View article
27/03/2020 Firstmac reopens securitisation markets (Kanga News) View article
27/03/2020 Firstmac Reopens RMBS Market With AOFM Support (Kanga News) View article
27/03/2020 Australia's Firstmac raises A$1 billion in RMBS issue (Reuters) View article
26/03/2020 Firstmac to sound investors for prime RMBS deal (KangaNews) View article
07/01/2020 Bushfires won’t impact covered bonds and mortgage backed ratings (Money Management) View article
12/12/2019 Firstmac completes $1.1bn RMBS (Mortgage Business) View article
06/12/2019 Non-bank lender moves to 100% self-funding in 2010 (Australian Broker) View article
27/10/2019 Josh Frydenberg borrows from non-bank lender for Hawthorn home (Herald Sun) View article
27/05/2019 Non-bank lenders upsize mortgage bond deals after election (Australian Financial Review) View article
01/05/2019 MCU Members back Firstmac takeover (Mortgage Business) View article
24/04/2019 Firstmac Announces Potential New RMBS Deal (Banking Day) View article
20/03/2019 RBA warns the banks ‘don’t be stingy’ (2GB Money News) View article
19/03/2019 Non-bank lenders ramp up bond issuance (Australian Financial Review) View article
01/03/2019 Going direct pays off for Firstmac (Banking Day) View article
08/02/2019 Non-bank urges brokers to avoid big banks (Australian Broker) View article
24/10/2018 Non-bank lenders provide a buffer for the housing market (ANZ Research) View article
22/10/2018 Firstmac finds competitive pricing in a wider market View article
16/10/2018 Firstmac Launches Series 3-2018 Rmbs Deal (Kanga News) View article
16/10/2018 Firstmac Strikes its Own Path (Kanga News Nonbank Yearbook) View article
20/08/2018 Homeloans to fund and use Athena's new home loan platform (Australian Financial Review) View article
23/07/2018 The Aussie dollar funding crisis squeezing the banks View article
09/07/2018 Firstmac Passes $10 Billion Milestone on Record Growth View article
26/06/2018 Firstmac residential mortgage-backed securities viewed as superior (Australian Financial Review) View article
13/06/2018 Why Australian RMBS Ratings Are Less Reliant On Lenders’ Mortgage Insurance (S&P Global) View article
08/06/2018 Japanese investors the focus for Firstmac’s latest RMBS deal (Kanga News) View article
30/05/2018 There's a 'material risk' Australian banks will start raising interest rates, regardless of the RBA (Business Insider Australia) View article
09/03/2018 Firstmac Completes $600 Million RMBS Issue View article
09/03/2018 Non-bank makes $600m securities issue (Broker News) View article
05/02/2018 Quicken replaces Wells Fargo as top US retail mortgage lender (Financial Times) View article
05/02/2018 UBank eyes online services growth through fintech partnerships (The Australian) View article
27/11/2017 FBAA wraps up 2017 with uplifting conference (Australian Broker) View article
21/11/2017 Firstmac hires two banks for potential RMBS deal (Australian Financial Review) View article
13/11/2017 Brokers ‘are working harder than ever’ (The Adviser) View article
10/11/2017 Fed up with the big four, brokers are going elsewhere (MPA Magazine) View article
20/09/2017 FirstMac Mortgage Funding Trust No.2 NAB Warehouse Series Class A1-A Notes Rating Affirmed View article
29/08/2017 Turnbull government's quick-fire plan in non-bank market (Australian Financial Review) View article
22/08/2017 Shadow banks plead for more clarity on APRA powers (Australian Financial Review) View article
21/06/2017 Non-bank loan book hits $8bn (Australian Broker) View article
20/06/2017 Brokers help Firstmac hit $8bn milestone (Mortgage Business) View article
03/04/2017 Firstmac Chases Bank License (The Australian) View article
03/04/2017 APRA trying to rein in non-banks: Firstmac (Australian Financial Review) View article
17/03/2017 Lender to ‘be aggressive’ on home lending with $1.7bn deal View article
18/01/2017 How Trump will hurt our markets View article
30/09/2016 Firstmac Completes $600 Million RMBS Issue View article
07/07/2016 S&P Affirms Firstmac "Strong" Ranking View article
27/06/2016 How to make sense of mortgage backed securities View article
06/06/2016 RMBS fund delivers income and growth View article
22/05/2016 Firstmac Partners with DBS for Australian RMBS Issue View article
20/05/2016 Firstmac Completes $500 Million RMBS Issue View article
04/05/2016 Firstmac to pass on May rate cut in full View article
25/03/2016 Pepper Issues record $700m bond, but price worries investors View article
15/03/2016 Overseas funders demand higher interest rates View article
08/03/2016 Lenders face bubble claims, market ructions in funding bids View article
23/11/2015 Firstmac assigned AAA ratings for RMBS View article
16/11/2015 Non-bank lenders' funding costs on rise View article
01/08/2015 Non-banks set to boom thanks to APRA crackdown on property investors View article
29/05/2015 Bank clampdown not pushing investors to non-banks View article
15/05/2015 Firstmac issues Australia's biggest non-bank RMBS since crisis View article
15/05/2015 Firstmac leads the return to offshore RMBS View article
16/09/2014 Firstmac banks on online mortgages View article
15/09/2014 How low can credit spread go? View article
04/04/2013 Firstmac Chief Financial Officer, James Austin on Switzer View article
01/03/2013 Firstmac Chief Financial Officer, James Austin on Switzer View article
07/12/2012 Firstmac Chief Financial Officer, James Austin on Switzer View article
06/12/2012 Firstmac Chief Financial Officer, James Austin on Switzer View article
16/05/2012 Firstmac Chief Financial Officer, James Austin on Switzer View article



29/10/2019 What is RMBS and how does it work? View article
29/10/2019 A beginners guide to tranches in mortgage-backed securities View article
29/10/2019 Pros and cons of RMBS and how to get started View article

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