1. Don’t Allow Your Emotions to Rule: When you decide that you are going to sell your property you are going to have to stop seeing yourself as a homeowner but as a business person. Your main focus should be on selling your house at the highest possible price not on the memories you have accumulated in your home.

2. Failing to Hire an Agent: Although you are going to have to pay a commission to a real estate agent it is a good idea that you hire one. By getting an expert to sell your house you will not only be able to leverage on the skills of an experienced professional, but agents also keep a database of potential interested buyers that they can call who just might be the right person to make an offer on your property.

3. Setting a Price That is Too High: An unreasonable price will send potential buyers running. Make sure that you do your research before setting a price for your home.

4. Expecting to Get Your Asking Price: All buyers are going to negotiate when it comes to the price. If you want to sell your house, you are going to have to compromise.

5. Selling During Winter: Home sales are slow during the winter season especially around the holiday time. It will take longer to sell your home if it’s on the market during this time.

6. Having Bad Photos: The majority of people search for homes online, make sure that you take good pictures that show the true quality of your house. A good agent should have a professional photographer available.

7. Inadequate Insurance: You are going to have so many different people on your property while you are trying to sell it. It is essential that you have the right type of insurance just in case someone has an accident.

8. Attempting to Hide Problems: The truth will be revealed after a home inspection anyway so instead of wasting time trying to hide the problems make sure you are transparent.

9. An Untidy House: While this might seem like common sense, you will be surprised at how many people neglect to ensure that their house is immaculate before inspection.

10. Not Being Accommodating: Buyers can be demanding at times. If you want to sell your property it's good to consider their demands by making a list of pros and cons to determine if it's worth it.

11. Failure to Ask For Proof of Funds: You don’t want to waste time signing a contract with someone who is not sure where they are going to get the funds to purchase your house. Make sure that you ask for proof of funds before signing a contract.

12. Failure to Market Your Property: If people don’t know that your home is on the market how are they going to purchase it? Make sure that you hire someone to market your property before you put it on sale.