Watch your savings grow with a high interest term deposit

Looking to vary your investment profile? A term deposit can be a good medium-term investment option.


Safe and secure

All Firstmac deposit products are covered by the Australian Government Guarantee up to a sum of $250,000.


Competitive interest rate

We offer competitive term deposit rates and terms ranging from 30 days to 24 months to help you reach your savings goal.


Returns locked in

Lock in your return with a secure fixed term deposit rate for the length of your chosen deposit term.


Flexible terms

Choose from a range of terms including a 3 month term deposit, a 6 month term deposit, a 1 year term deposit and a 2 year term deposit. Other terms available on request.


Invest $5,000 or more

Start with $5,000 or $5 million in your Firstmac Term Deposit, and let your money work for you.


Easy online application

We make it easy to invest in a high interest term deposit. Go from application to investment in just a few easy online steps.

Term deposit rates

Feel confident knowing exactly how much your money will earn. See our most popular term deposit interest rates below.

0.10% p.a.


0.15% p.a.


0.30% p.a.


0.35% p.a.

0.25% p.a.

0.50% p.a.

0.40% p.a.

0.50% p.a.

0.40% p.a.

Easy online application

Applying with us is easy. Apply for a term deposit online in minutes any time in just a few simple steps.


Speak with a specialist

Our friendly term deposit specialists can help you find the deposit that is right for you.


What happens at maturity?

When you apply, all you need to do is tell us what you would like to happen at maturity of your term deposit (that’s when the term of your deposit ends).

Here are the options to choose from:

  • Renew your principal and interest for the same or a different standard term, or to a maturity date selected by you.

  • Renew your principal only for the same or a different standard term, or to a maturity date selected by you, and have your interest credited to your linked bank account.

  • Close your term deposit at maturity.

Changes to maturity instructions:

You can change your maturity instructions by calling us any time before your term deposit matures.

13 12 20

Easy online application process


You must:

  • Have at least $5000 to invest

You will need to give us:

  • An Australian residential address
  • A phone number
  • Your bank account details
  • Your Tax File Number (otherwise tax is deducted at the highest marginal rate)
  • Driver’s license

High Livez Bond Fund

Did your investment return 5.48% p.a.*?

  • Dedicated investment specialist
  • Accepts SMSF & Trust investments
  • Zero entry and exit fees
  • Distributions paid monthly
  • Add and/or withdraw funds monthly

Firstmac Term Deposits are distributed by Firstmac Limited, ABN 59 094 145 963, AFSL No 290600 and issued by BNK Banking Corporation Limited trading as “Goldfields Money” ABN 63 087 651 849, AFSL/Australian Credit License Number 246884.

This information is general information only and does not take into account any person’s situation, financial objectives or needs. Firstmac recommends you read the Term Deposit Product Disclosure Statement in its entirety before making an decision to invest.

Rates are indicative and subject to change without notice.

*Total return for the 9 years to 30 September 2020 and 5.65% p.a. since inception on 29 March 2011. The total return is the trust’s consolidated performance over the period referenced. Past performance is not indicative of future performance and should not be the only factor considered when selecting an investment. Performance is calculated on an initial investment of $10,000 with distributions reinvested. Ongoing fees and expenses have been applied however individual taxes are excluded. This information is general information only and does not take into account your individual objectives, financial situation or needs. You should assess whether the information is appropriate for you and consider obtaining financial advice prior to making an investment decision.

High Livez is issued by Perpetual Trust Services Limited ("Perpetual") ACN 000 142 049 AFSL 236648 as the Responsible Entity of the Trust. The Investment Manager is Firstmac Limited ("Firstmac") ACN 094 145 963 AFSL 290600. Firstmac High Livez and the Product Disclosure Statement (PDS) is available at or by contacting Firstmac on 13 12 20. The information in this document is general information only and does not take into account any person's situation, financial objectives or needs. You should read the PDS in its entirety before making any decision to invest. Perpetual and Firstmac strongly recommend you obtain independent professional financial advice on the risks and suitability of this product. The value of your investment in High Livez could go down as well as up. Past performance is not a reliable indicator of future performance. Restrictions may apply to the amount and timing of withdrawal requests - refer to the PDS for full details.