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Discounted rate

Whether you already have solar or plan to add it*, get rewarded with a discounted home loan rate for 5 years.

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Simple & quick

Just provide us with an invoice or quote* for your solar installation as evidence of the solar panels.

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Flexible repayments

Choose from principal and interest, or up to 5 years of interest-only repayments.

Climate Bonds

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Key Features

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Properties with Solar

You must provide us with an invoice or quote for your solar installation as evidence of the solar panels. If providing a quote, we must receive an invoice to confirm installation within 90 days of your loan settling. This document must confirm your solar system has been installed on the property secured against your loan, and must also show the Kw size of the solar system

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$0 fees

No ongoing fees

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Unlimited repayments

Ability to make unlimited additional repayments to your loan, without any fees

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Unlimited redraw

You can access any additional payments you make to your loan with a free redraw facility

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Visa debit card

If you opt to add an offset sub-account facility, you can take advantage of our free Visa debit card and unlimited free transactions

Solar home loan calculator

Use the calculator below to help check your eligibility for a solar home loan discount.

You're eligible to apply for our solar home loan!



Dwelling has gas


Dwelling has pool


Number of bedrooms


Calculator Assumptions

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Things you should know before applying for a Solar Home Loan

Start by understanding how much power you need and when. Do you just need panels for day time supply? Or will you also need a battery for power at night? Once you have an idea of the solar system you require, do some research online and contact various solar installation companies to obtain a quote. This can be helpful to compare costs and decide which company is best for you.

Many factors affect how much your household will save on power bills, including your regular energy consumption and the size of your solar system, your feed-in tariff, usage patterns and how much sunshine you get based on where you live. The cost of your solar system will also affect the period it will take for your system to pay for itself.

The size of system you need depends largely on your daily power needs, property type, roof space, bedroom number and whether you have a pool. The more you have, the larger the solar system you need to generate sufficient power. Find a quality solar retailer and installer to help you consider all the available technology.

Yes, as long as you have a quote to install the solar panels, and you proceed with the installation within 90 days of settlement. We will require evidence of your new solar system size once installed to ensure you remain eligible for the solar home loan discount.

The rates are variable, and discounted for the first 5 years of your loan term. You can choose from principal and interest, or up to 5 years interest only repayments.

To qualify, simply provide a copy of your solar installation invoice or your quote for your solar installation, with solar to be installed within 90 days of the settlement of your loan.

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