Say goodbye to credit card interest

The ZIP Home Loan is a super-low-rate home loan that comes with an interest-free $5,000 limit Visa debit card.

Now you can throw away your credit cards and enjoy the same convenience on your purchases without paying interest!

For refinancers and home buyers

Whether you are refinancing to save money or buying a new home, you will receive the same 0% ZIP Visa debit card and the same low home loan rate.

If you are looking to save money on interest and fees with a low rate home loan while also avoiding expensive credit cards, this is the loan for you.

How it works

It is simple. When you settle your home loan, you will be issued with your Visa debit card with a $5,000 limit that will operate like a line of credit. You can use the card any way you want whether it is for a big purchase, for day-to-day spending like a credit card, or just to keep in the drawer as an emergency fund. The outstanding balance on the card will never be charged interest, and the card has no ongoing fees. That means no monthly fee, no annual fee and no application fee!

$5,000 limit Visa debit card with 0% interest

No monthly or ongoing fees

Unlimited additional repayments

Upfront Fees & Costs

Our fees & costs Amount
Monthly fee $0
Annual fee $0
Application fee $0
Documentation fee $200
Settlement fee $300
Discharge fee* $300

ZIP - Government and third party costs

Government and third party costs Amount
Valuation fee (may be higher in some cases)# $220 or at cost
Government fees and charges# at cost