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Kim Cannon Founder / Managing Director

Kim is founder and Managing Director of Firstmac Limited.

He has been in the Australian finance industry for more than 40 years, and has owned a number of different companies and brands in that time. Kim was there at the start of non-bank lending in Australia and is one of the leaders that challenged the banking industry at the time and made home loans more competitive for every day consumers.

Kim is well known in the industry for creating innovative products to help people meet their financial goals. Throughout his career he has been excellent at anticipating the evolution of the industry and this, combined with his customer-centric focus, has allowed him to build a non-bank lender that is nimble and innovative.

Today, Firstmac is one of the few non-bank mortgage lenders left in Australia following the Global Financial Crisis, and Kim sees the company's role as providing much-needed competition in the industry.

Kim's philosophy that business is built on strong relationships, honesty, and integrity has helped to make him a respected leader in the financial services sector.

Kim does not see the need for Firstmac to have branches because technology allows so many other ways for people to make contact. Kim believes the way forward is to provide technology to help people manage their financial lives when they want, where they want. Not between 9-5 in a branch.

Kim's hobbies outside of work include sport, photography, videography and music. He is a die-hard fan of British rock group Pink Floyd - a fact you can't miss if you visit him in his office.


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