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Kevin Kehoe Chief Operating Officer

Kevin is a seasoned finance executive with over 25 years of experience in the banking and finance industry. Throughout his career, he has successfully executed strategic initiatives and demonstrated pivotal leadership as the Chief Financial Officer of a bank. In the finance industry, he has also played a crucial role in wholesale debt funding and risk management.

Currently, Kevin serves as the Chief Operating Officer at Firstmac, where he oversees product, strategy, and acquisitions, as well as the associated digital media and lead generation businesses. He has had multiple senior roles at Firstmac over two separate stints, including in his most recent role as General Manager of Strategy, where he played a critical role in the acquisition of various digital media businesses, websites, and intellectual property assets.

Prior to rejoining Firstmac, Kevin worked as the Chief Financial Officer for RACQ Bank and QT Mutual Bank for seven years. During his first stint at Firstmac, Kevin played an integral role in establishing wholesale funding vehicles and led Legal Risk and Compliance. Before joining Firstmac, he held various positions at Bendigo Bank in finance, internal audit, and treasury.

Kevin is a Certified Practising Accountant with a bachelor's degree in accounting, postgraduate qualifications in Applied Finance from Kaplan, and postgraduate qualifications in Applied Corporate Governance and Risk Management from The Governance Institute of Australia.


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