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Craig Parker Board Member

Craig recently retired from Westpac after 41 years. Craig was previously responsible for Westpac’s global structured finance and securitisation activities for over 17 years. Westpac dominates the Securitisation and Structured Finance market across Australia and New Zealand in all major asset classes including Residential Mortgages and Auto Loans.

Craig previously led Client Relationship Management and Corporate Finance teams in Australia and Hong Kong. He holds a BA (Economics), B.Ec (Accounting & Finance) and an MBA from Macquarie University, Sydney. He is also a CPA. Craig was recently recognised as a Fellow of the Australian Securitisation Forum recognising his contribution to the Securitisation industry.

Craig is also a Director of Forsight Australia, a Disability Accommodation and Services organisation and is Chair of the Finance Committee. Craig was until recently a member of the Investment Committee of the Cancer Council NSW for 9 years.


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