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Guidelines for Completing a Verification of Identity Form

The purpose of this form is for Firstmac to confirm your identity to comply with the relevant laws.

You must take the form to a Prescribed Person listed in Part A along with:

  • your original current identity documents from any one of the identification categories listed in Part B (exception - Australian Passport may be expired, but not for more than 2 years); plus
  • a photocopy of those original current identity documents

You must sign the Verification of Identity form in front of the Prescribed Person.

The Prescribed Person must complete their full name including any middle names on the form. They must also complete their occupation, certification number (if appropriate), address, and daytime telephone number. The Prescribed Person must view your original current identity documents, sign the Verification of Identity form, AND certify the copies of your identity documents.

You must return the:

  • original executed Verification of Identity form; AND
  • the original certified copies of your identity documents to Firstmac with your signed loan documents.