Founder Kim Cannon told the 400 guests at a gala anniversary dinner in Brisbane that the company had based its success on innovation, hard work, and family, along with a long-term approach to building the business ahead of short-term profits.
“Some businesses live to make a profit first and their business culture suffers,” Mr Cannon said.
“We have an attitude – build it well and profits will come as a result of a great business.”
Mr Cannon said a key difference with Firstmac’s culture was that it understood the importance of enjoying yourself while you worked.
“Have fun at work and at play, is our approach,” Mr Cannon said. “Work Hard - Play Hard.”
“Everyone knows we have the best parties - including the Firstmac Afterparty!”
This attitude was on full display at the celebration, which was emceed by renowned Australian poet Rupert McCall, who also wrote an epic poem Forty Years of Firstmac to tell the company’s inspiring story. He starts:
“From a very humble platform, rose a passionate contender,”
Now renowned throughout the country as a top class mortgage lender!”
The full poem is available here.

Along with completing its fourth decade of growth in the home lending industry this year, Firstmac passed the milestone of $12 billion in loans under management, making it the 14th biggest lender in Australia.
Mr Cannon said the company had come a long way since it opened its doors on 19th October 1979, in Sherwood in Brisbane, as a leasing broker under the trading name Lease Nationale.
At the time, its only asset was an IBM golf ball Typewriter - which still sits in his office today as a reminder of the company’s humble origins.
Firstmac has since operated as a home lender under a number of names including Nationale Home Loans,  Queensland State Home Loans, Tonto Home Loans, and, of course, Firstmac – always using tech to beat the major incumbents such as the Big Four banks.
“Many have tried to copy us, and none have really succeeded,” Mr Cannon said.
“We are a fintech with grey hair!”
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Firstmac Limited is an independently-owned, Australian financial services provider with 40 years’ experience in home and investment loans. Firstmac has written in excess of 100,000 home loans and manages approximately $12 billion in mortgages and $300 million in cash investments. Firstmac is a premier sponsor of the Brisbane Broncos.