Non-banks in funds fight for bigger slice of mortgage market (The Australian)

Non-banks are stepping up efforts to get more access to cheaper funding by taking their push to Treasury, with the aim of better competing against the big banks on mortgage pricing.

During the COVID-19 turmoil the banks have had access to the Reserve Bank’s $200bn term funding facility, which smaller lenders say is tipping the scales too much in favour of the larger incumbents.

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11 Jun 2020

Lender’s data shows car market bounce back (Autotalk)

New lending data from Firstmac shows the new car market is recovering after falls in April and May.

The automotive financier says buyers are shrugging off the COVID-19 crisis and are now borrowing to buy cars again.

In May, Firstmac says it recorded a record number of car loan applications, strengthening towards the second half of the month and continuing into June.

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