22 May 2018

8 Top Tips When Buying a Property with your Partner

Buying a house with your partner can be a lot different from buying a house alone.

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17 May 2018

5 Settlement Tips for Home Buyers

You’ve finally saved up for a home loan deposit. You've got your mortgage application approved. Now it’s time for the final stage of the home loan process which is settlement.

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15 May 2018

The Upfront Costs of Buying a Home

There are other upfront costs when buying a home that are important to factor into your budget. Here are the top upfront costs that you need to save up for.

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26 Mar 2018

Kitchen Renovation on a Budget

If you’re thinking of updating your kitchen’s style and overall function but you’re worried that you might break your limited budget, here are some ideas you for an easy and..

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22 Mar 2018

5 Things to Know Before Applying for a Home Loan

Preparation is the key to ensure that from the moment you apply for a mortgage, the application process will go smoothly as possible. Here are the top five things you need to..

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19 Mar 2018

Should You Allow Pets in your Investment Property?

If you’re in a dilemma about whether or not to ease up on your no pet policy in your rental property, let’s look at the arguments for and against.

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