Why is it important?

Did you know 47% of people buy a new car within 12 months of a property purchase?

Did you know the average consumer turns over their car every 4 to 5 years?

Writing car loans enables you to service your client's financial needs outside of their mortgage, which helps place you as the all round 'go to' for finance. If you’ve recently completed a mortgage transaction, it’s likely you’ll have more than enough documentation to submit a car loan straight away.

You’ll also see when they may look to replace their vehicle, and include car purchases as part of the natural conversation when you're conducting a client review.


  • Car loan applications can be loaded in 5 minutes
  • Time from lodgement to settlement starts from just 24 hours, so deals can be turned over quickly
  • Your fact find will highlight car loans opportunities - obtain more business by offering to review the clients existing car loans or a potential upgrade to an older vehicle
  • You can maximise earnings up to $990 origination fee per application plus brokerage
  • Protect your business through diversification, be able to weather market fluctuations more capably when not just working in residential loans
  • Give your client confidence to negotiate strongly on car purchases with a fully assessed pre-approval
  • Deals not usually as complex

How to sell auto:

Here is our simple step by step checklist to follow, easy for even a first time auto writer.